Terms of service

These are the TERMS OF SERVICE you shall follow before you start using OneVPN You must read and fully understand all of the following content and MUST agree to all these terms.

  1. General legal disclaimer

a. Definitions

Service refers to the services provided to the customer by OneVPN, which associates with the usage of a virtual private network (VPN) and allows the customer to encrypt the data that is shared between a user’s device and other devices on a different network.

Note: The VPN service does increase protection on all your devices, but does not guarantee complete privacy.

b. Disclaimer

Kindly, read this document carefully to understand the application of services before you continue further with the usage of this VPN. If you do not follow the accordance of the terms, then you shall not further access the application or website.

OneVPN attempts to provide you with information that is accurate, precise and reliable on or after it was published on the website. OneVPN claims to hold no responsibility for the accuracy or appropriateness of the content/material provided by the third party on the website.

OneVPN does not claim to provide warranty for absolute accuracy and completeness content or the service without constraint. OneVPN disclaims any information that is provided by third parties about guaranteed error free service and does not provide users with any warranty of technical errors or uninterrupted accessibility of service.

OneVPN holds no liability to any damages, including, direct, indirect, no limitations, incidental, or for that matter any damages that arise from the connection in use or inability to use, other actions causing damages, or any claims. The disclaimer is applied to any damages, loss, and prevention of usage caused by a failure in performance, detection of errors, interruption in usage or loss of application or content or any other claims that arise in any manner.

OneVPN holds the right to making changes to the information provided anywhere on the website, the terms or services, or services provided, herein, without any notice provided.

  1. User Agreement

This contract refers to an agreement between OneVPN and the user who wishes to sign up to this site. By registering to OneVPN, you automatically agree to the terms of use concerning this product.

Using the website for any means (registration or surfing) bounds you to agree to this agreement. Any content viewed or any activity conducted on this site will refer to the user agreeing to the terms of use.

a. Services to be provided by OneVPN

Therefore, I, as a customer should understand OneVPN completely secures my identity, activities, and hides my physical location and agree not to abuse the system.

Refund policy:

OneVPN is committed to provide you with the best possible service, which concerns or may concern your usage that falls under the terms of services. If you are less than completely satisfied with our services or feel that OneVPN does not match your standard needs of a VPN, then you can notify us via an email within 7-days of your product purchase.

Please note that OneVPN will not accept a refund request from a user who is unable to state a reason for refund claim. If you, for whatever reason, fail to submit your refund request within 7-days or claim a refund on the 8th day, your refund request will be denied. Similarly, if you have consumed 3GB of bandwidth before asking for a refund, you won’t qualify to get your money back. Thus, the condition to get refund is to submit refund request within the first 7 days of purchase and without consuming 3GB of bandwidth.

Once you have claimed for the refund, your account will be suspended right away. Please note that the refunded amount may take several days (as many as up to 30 days) to reflect on your account/card, depending on the payment method you used to purchase your OneVPN account.

OneVPN practices zero-tolerance policy against any violation of terms or manipulation or violation of rights to services and the term of use. OneVPN holds the right to terminate the contract and end the services provided based upon any violation of terms, illegal activities, or violation of the stated user agreement.

You understand that you will not be refunded if the payment method you used to buy our services does not offer a refund option.