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OneVPN – The Best VPN Service

Online Privacy for Everyone

With so many dynamic IPs to choose from, you get to become invisible and protect your activities from being monitored via best VPN service.

Security Against Cyber Criminals

Be at home, office or a café, OneVPN is a secure VPN that will protect your data and communication logs from the reach of cyber criminals.

Unrestricted Access to Foreign Content

Access whatever you want with the fastest VPN, from anywhere. Virtually travel around the world and enjoy your native content!

Virtually Travel Around the World

Travel to 18+ countries to enjoy your native content in the most preferred languages. Connect to strategically-placed servers to teleport.

OneVPN Features


Sick and tired of those annoying and unwanted ads that keep on appearing wherever you go online? OneVPN’s Adblocker will make all the ads disappear like they never even existed!

NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall feature is a packet filter that stops third parties from connecting to your device that’s running OneVPN. This filter prevents malicious traffic from reaching your system.


Malware does not only damage user’s data but holds the power to crash the entire operating system too. OneVPN’s Anti-Malware tool makes sure you are always protected against this threat.


OneVPN’s One-Stream Service allows users to access their desired content from anywhere they want with ultra-fast streaming speed. Enjoy your favorite videos the way you deserve.