Privacy Policy

What information do we collect and store when you sign up for our VPN service?

To make things better at your end and provide you with maximum privacy, we collect minimal data, which is basically your name and e-mail address. That is about all that we keep.

We do not track

We do not track physical addresses and locations, numbers, or any other personal information. We do not store or keep records of your IP and details of your payment process. We do not keep track of your online activities because that is what we provide, privacy and protection.

OneVPN protects your data at all costs.

If asked about your information, how do we respond?

OneVPN strictly refrains from sharing information with third parties and other entities, whosoever it may be. It is against our organizational rules to share user data with anyone. Besides, OneVPN cannot share the data it does not store/keep/track. Therefore, besides your name and e-mail, we have nothing to forward or share.