Best Reasons To Choose OneVPN

1. State Of The Art Servers


Ironclad Servers

OneVPN offers bare-metal servers that are highly-configured, unlike VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or VMs (Virtual Machines). Since Bare-Metal servers are setup for particular purposes and each server serves one purpose at a time. OneVPN users get dedicated services at all times.


High-Performance DNS Servers

OneVPN has installed high-performance DNS servers to its network that ensures high-grade security for the users on the OneVPN network. Since DNS servers are of high importance, the speed they function on must be very fast, and OneVPN DNS servers are just as good as they are supposed to be.


2. Super-Fast Streaming Servers


Blazing Fast Internet Speed

Based on OpenSource Infrastructure, OneVPN’s network is packed with powerful and ultra-fast servers, optimized via QOS (Quality of Service) implementation. This provides a bottleneck-free streaming experience for movies, TV shows, live sports, etc.


10 GBPS Bandwidth

Team OneVPN understands user's need-for-speed. Nobody wants a slow streaming internet connection and for that they require a VPN that provides super-fast speed. OneVPN’s servers support 10 Gbps bandwidth that ensures each and every user gets lag-free video streaming, round the clock.

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3. Special Features and Customizations


Highly Customized Options

OneVPN servers are core-upwards customized for optimum performance. The customized servers are designed for speedy and flawless packet switching that enables the OneVPN network to be stable and ultra-fast.


Firewall + Ad-Blocker

OneVPN operates using one of the most renowned Customized Firewall, which is so smart that the firewall along with its integrated DNS servers automatically filters out all the unwanted ads from appearing on the user’s device.


4. User Friendly


24/7 Live Chat Support

The Live Chat Support Team at OneVPN is the best in the VPN industry. The Live Chat feature offers multi-lingual support with remote-desktop assistance - 24/7/365. Got a question or query extremely-tricky or super-simple? Don’t hesitate, hit the support team up!


Unbeatable Pricing

Wondering why is OneVPN able to offer a pricing as low as 4$ a month? Let’s tell you. It’s simple. All of our servers have bigger capacities and are bandwidth and kernel-packet-handling-optimized. All of this helps us keep the service pricing low.

What Else You Get With OneVPN?


Military-Grade Encryption

While most VPN services offer data encryption for user security, OneVPN goes one step further and provides users high-grade encryption with Full Acceleration. Thus OneVPN users stay super-secure on the ultra-fast internet despite the complex encryption module implementations


Protected with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System)

OneVPN’s network is protected with the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) that guarantees security against unwanted malicious cookies, hackers, compromised web pages, etc. Never be afraid ever again while logging on to the internet.


Diverse Protocols

OneVPN is every internet user’s first choice because of the wide range of protocols it comes with. You can use OneVPN on all the major platforms and devices with PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (UDP/TCP Multiple Ports) and Openconnect. This is not all but more ‘Customized Protocols’ are on their way that will go right through any firewall in the world!