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Why You Need A USA VPN

Are you a fan of US based online content? Do you wish to stream movies and TV shows from US TV channels, but couldn’t? Luckily, there is a solution that can provide you unlimited and fastest access to USA websites and TV channels – Best USA VPN.

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Unblock USA Streaming Channels

Non-American residents cannot access US based on-demand streaming channels and websites. If you want to watch Game of Thrones on HBO or Walking Dead on Showtime then you need to have an American IP. A USA VPN helps user bypass this restriction. It replaces your original IP with one of its USA server’s IP. This way you appear online as a USA citizen and websites cannot identify your original presence. Hence, you can easily access all your favorite TV shows, movies and sports.


Protection Against Mass-Surveillance

Americans! Does this surveillance and invasion of privacy have you alarmed? It should. US government agencies are continuously spying on you no matter if you are using internet on laptop, desktop, tablet, gaming console, or mobile phone. Even your home security cameras and baby monitor in your kid’s room attached to your home WiFi router has been monitored by the NSA. If you believe in privacy and wants to protect it, you need a USA VPN. A USA VPN will hide your IP, encrypts your data and route it through a secure tunnel that no one can spy on.


Complete Security on WiFi Hotspots

Do you think New York Subway’s WiFi is safe? Do you think connecting to a hotel WiFi or Airport WiFi via iPhone or Android Smart phone is a smart move? Unsecure WiFi hotspots are hackers’ most favorite spot to trap internet users. It’s a child’s play to create a phony-duplicate WiFi and spy on everything you are doing online. Without a VPN, you can be an online hack victim and lose everything, including your online identity, credit card information, important credentials and personal photos. Be careful while using a WiFi hotspot and use a best VPN for USA to protect your online presence.


Avoid Infringement Laws in USA

Another reason for USA citizens to use a US VPN is the dramatic issue of infringement laws. The emergence of P2P file sharing and the Internet has resulted in copyright holders pursuing strict punishments for offenders. Do remember, OneVPN do not approve piracy and do not appreciate copyright infringement. If you have legally valid reasons to download or share large data files via P2P technology, a USA VPN can help you provide assistance while keeping your identity safe from legal authorities.


Premier USA VPN Service With Premier Features

OneVPN is a complete online security solution with extra-ordinary features. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.

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    Free Ad-Blocker
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    Unlimited Speed
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    99.9% Uptime
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    Zero Logging
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    7-Days Money-Back Guarantee
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    Unlimited Bandwidth
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    256bit AES Encryption
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    24x7 Technical Support
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    OpenVPN (TCP, UDP), PPTP, L2TP, OpenConnect
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    NAT Firewall
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    Unlimited Server Switches
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    390+ High-Speed Server
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    Easy-to-use OneVPN Apps

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