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Why You Need a VPN for Torrent Download?

In the torrent world where you're alone to defend yourself when downloading torrent. Using free torrent proxy is not secure enough, the constant watch on torrent traffic by the ISPs and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) with high Infringement Penalties. Besides that, while Torrenting the danger of compromising your privacy and security is also there. In a situation like this cyber-criminal and ISPs both are against you, VPN is your savior & shield for safe torrent Download.

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Privacy and Security with Torrenting

Popular BitTorrent client app like uTorrent exposes IP address to other people in a swarm. VPN keeps you safe by masking your IP address and hiding your location. So your online activity never traced back to you. It's common hacking technique to compromise Privacy first followed by Security Breach.

uTorrent IP Address Expose

Unblock Torrent Websites with VPN

Constant watch and restrictions imposed on Torrenting block torrent search engines in many countries. By connecting to OneVPN which is p2p friendly VPN, you can access torrent search engine & torrent website. As VPN unblocks the Geo-restrictions applied by the governments or agencies.

Eliminate Torrent Tracker and Torrent Port Blocking

Significant downloading Torrent speed drop observe when Torrent tracker are block by DNS and port blocking, popular Torrent client fallback to DHT (Distributed hash table) to find peers. Which result in slow convergence of peering and sluggish torrent download, VPN bypass DNS filtering and blocking which makes your Torrenting experience pleasant.

Unblock Torrent
Strong Encryption

VPN vs Proxy for Torrenting Comparison

Sniffing internet traffic and DNS queries by ISPs enforced by the governments. Torrent Proxies do not provide encryption. ISPs are well aware of the torrent client apps and built-in encryption methods which almost all ISPs are monitoring. Get strong encryption of OneVPN on your internet connection that no one eavesdrop on your internet traffic.

Easy Setup VPN for Torrenting in a minute

Hassle-free setup, user-friendly VPN application interface. One Click connects VPN, Feature-rich OneVPN application is the right tool for Torrenting. OneVPN is compatible with Window, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux you can also configure OneVPN on the router.

What is the Best VPN for p2p?

OneVPN provides a complete package of Privacy and Security for Torrenting.

✔ NAT firewall. ✔ Protected DNS queries. ✔ No logs policy.
✔ 7 VPN protocols. ✔ VPN Kill Switch & Auto reconnect.
✔ DNS Leak protection. ✔ 60 Plus countries. ✔ Easy setup VPN & One-Click VPN connection.
✔ Unlimited VPN Bandwidth. ✔ Optimized VPN servers.

How to Subscribe and Configure VPN with uTorrent?

Assuming BitTorrent client app installed on your device.
If you don't have Torrent client, download uTorrent client.

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Subscribe to OneVPN Plan.


Download OneVPN App on your device.


You can setup OneVPN on any device manually. Please visit OneVPN Support page.

After completing the installation, login to OneVPN app, on the main menu will find a fire sign One-Click Connect,
and below VPN Kill Switch and Auto Reconnect.


Go to ip2location website and check your real IP before connecting a VPN.

Now, connect to OneVPN with nearest and fastest servers.
Once again, go to and check your IP. You will see a completely different IP of one of our server.
It means that you are now completely invisible to everyone on the internet.


Now, all you need is a Torrent File. Google 'Torrent Search Engines' you will get plenty of results.
Select from the top 10 results and search your required Torrent file like 'Game of Thrones'.
Download the Torrent file open it Torrent client application.

For further details and any query contact OneVPN support or contact support team via live chat.

Use VPN on all your devices simultaneously Get a VPN on the laptop, desktop,and Smartphone.
VPN for Windows, VPN for Mac, VPN for Android and VPN For iPhone and iPad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Torrent Downloading Legal?

P2P file sharing is not always Piracy. It's an effective and reliable protocol for large file transfer. Using Torrent for downloading Open Source software's and community shared music is fine. But downloading content protected with copyright laws is totally illegal.

Is File Download Via Torrent safe?

Most common dangers that torrent file brings within is the malware. So the effective anti-virus is compulsory before downloading any type of torrent.
An in-depth article on the subject by author Pierluigi Paganini for reader's interest Here.


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