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Hide your IP address while Downloading Torrent

  • Fast Torrent Download
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Optimized VPN Servers
  • Torrent Poisoning aware VPN
  • Strong AES-256-bit encryption 100% Secure
  • Zero Logs policy 100% Anonymity
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Why You Need a VPN for Torrenting?

The Constant watching of peer to peer (P2P) connection by the ISP and copyright infringement issues are getting powered day by day. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takes down all the notices and take actions over torrenters. Internet users in countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Sweden, Australia, Norway, and New Zealand might face a trouble. Let’s take a look why VPN is necessary for a torrent downloading.

Torrent Poisoning aware VPN Servers

Torrent is not always easy without a secure connection. If you are a victim of torrent poisoning and connected to a bad peer will return you only with trash. You won't notice the awful data until the end of the whole chunk is received. Which means wasting time and bandwidth.

Sometimes, the bad peers request chunks from valid seeds even though they don't need it. Bad peers consumes your bandwidth and gives back the false data on your connection. As the number these bad peer increases there are less chances for the leachers or seeder to share files. We invented a mechanism which is continuously updated itself from the third-party list to track the bad peers and knock them off from a swarm.

Unblock torrent search engine

By connecting to a VPN you can access torrent search engine & torrenting website. As VPN unblocks the geo restrictions applied by the government or agencies.

Unblock Torrent
Strong Encryption

Strong Encryption

Get strong encryption on your internet connection. As your ISPs are enforced by the governing agencies to keep an eye on your online activities.

Reasons OneVPN is the Best VPN for Torrenting

Government and other Agencies are constantly spying on your every move over the internet. If you are downloading Torrents, you better keep your identity secret with OneVPN the Best Torrenting VPN.

Torrent Annonymity

Torrent with 100% Anonymity

Without any encryption, the greater part of your online action is always visible to your ISPs and other prying eyes. OneVPN is best for torrenting it masks your original IP and makes you anonymous internet user. Which makes it untraceable and saves you from snoopers and government agencies.

How your privacy does not breach?

It’s very easy, we do not compromise on the security and privacy, by using OneVPN an IP is provided which keeps you to be completely anonymous. We also follow our strict no logs policy and does not maintain any logs. Our job is to provide service not to sneak in your business.

Unbreached Privacy
Torrent VPN Compatibility

Torrent VPN compatibility

Hassle free setup for Torrenting, One Click connect to VPN before you start downloading your favorite torrent. OneVPN is compatible with different operating systems that includes Window, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux. Feel free to download OneVPN and get the ultra-fast torrenting speed with 100% anonymity.


Sick and tired of those annoying and unwanted ads that keep on appearing wherever you go online? OneVPN Adblocker will make all the ads disappear like they never even existed! You can surf freely on your favorite websites without getting disturbed.

NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall

NAT Firewall feature is a packet filter that stops third parties from connecting to your device that’s running OneVPN. This filter prevents malicious traffic from reaching your system. It keeps you away from major threats and unwanted security issues.


Malware does not only damage user’s data but holds the power to crash the entire operating system too. OneVPN built in Anti-Malware tool makes sure you are always protected against this threat.


How to Download Torrents with OneVPN Torrent VPN


Subscribe to OneVPN Plan by selecting a user package for VPN download.


Download OneVPN App on your device. You can easily download the VPN for torrent that works on your Windows, Android and Mac.


You can setup OneVPN on any device manually.


Go to and check your real IP before connecting a VPN.


Now, connect to OneVPN with nearest and fastest VPN servers.

Once again, go to and check your IP. You will see a completely different

IP of one of our server. It means that you are now completely invisible to everyone on the internet and now you have your own private internet VPN access


Download Torrent Client on your respective device. We recommend BitTorrent or uTorrent Client.

Now, all you need is a Torrent File. Go to and type 'Torrent Search Engines'. You will get plenty of results. Select from the top 5 results and search your required Torrent file like Game of Thrones. Download the Torrent file and start downloading Torrent via Torrent Client.


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