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Either you’re at work or at home slow internet speed can be frustrating.

It's a common perception that VPN kills internet speed, but proper choice of location, fastest VPN protocols and well-managed VPN servers can BOOST your Internet Speed

How to Boost Your Internet Speed - A Complete Tutorial


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How to Test Internet Speed

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OneVPN Boost your Internet Speed

Download Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client for Windows 10 from the link below


Step 1 : Double click on the file and click “Next” & Click on “Finish“ to complete the installation.

Step 2 : Click on start to find “Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client”.


Step 3 : Click on “settings” icon.


Step 4 : Under “Preferences” tab make sure to put a check mark on “block connections to untrusted servers” and close the window.


Step 5 : Enter the server address as “” and then click “Connect” . Get the server list from here


Step 6 : Enter the Username and Password provided by OneVPN and click “accept” to connect.

Step 7: Now, disconnect VPN.


Step 8: Upon connecting again you will see the entire list of locations to choose from this time. Enjoy complete internet freedom!


Now, your VPN is configured and you can browse which shows server location.
open and test you internet speed (leave everything on default)
Hit Begin Test button
After speedtest result (do not refresh speed test page ) and disconnect from VPN server
Now, Hit "Begin Test" again ( this time without Connecting to VPN)

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