Privacy Policy of The OneVPN Service

The OneVPN is a known name in the VPN industry which is providing its beneficiary services in internet and online privacy. The company is working on the platform of The OneVPN prioritize to deliver it customers a trustworthy VPN service that can benefit them to easily and safely access to their desired destination.

We assure our customers that the information they share with us is kept in the safety records with no-logs policy. The no-log policy stated that your activities are on privacy mode and no one is able to track it or record it. Whereas, it is also secure from the interference of any third party.

What information do we collect and store when you sign up for OneVPN service?

We only collect that information that is required for your sign up which is your name and email address. The purpose of restoring this information is to provide you the step to step support if you stuck somewhere. The user of OneVPN is safe to access anywhere from the VPN with high security and privacy protocols.

We further use your email address to send the newsletters, confirmation emails, your package's information, to update about the upcoming events and its promotional launch on OneVPN.

We concern about the person's privacy at most.

The slogan of OneVPN is to provide the secured services with high privacy. We do not track any physical addresses and locations, numbers, or any other personal information. We do not store or keep records of your IPs and your payment processes. We do not keep any track of your online activities because that is what we deliver the privacy and protection.

While a person connects to the OneVPN, all his data becomes encrypted that is it transforms itself in digital codes and also mask its original identity. The data surpasses through the tunnel of OneVPN got completely invisible to any of the government authority and hacking agencies.

It is completely legal to use the OneVPN in different countries however the countries like China has made certain policies for VPN use that lies in a gray area mostly.

If asked about your information, how do we respond?

OneVPN strictly refrains from sharing information with any third party and other entities, whosoever it may be. It is against our organizational rules to share user data with anyone. Besides, OneVPN cannot share the data as it does not store/keep/track. Therefore, besides your name and e-mail, we have nothing to forward or share.

The payment methods and account details

We offer the easy payment methods to our customers so that they can easily subscribe for the required packages. For further conveniences, we have described a short guide on our pricing page which makes it more easier for our customer to understand.

Any information regarding the payment and account details provided by the customer are solely under his control. It is completely his own choice to select any of the available payment methods according to his requirement.