Why do you need a VPN for Kodi

Kodi is one of the versatile and a most popular software application for streaming media. It is also know as XMBC. Kodi is famous for watching online live broadcast from different location, downloading P2P torrent files and many more. Kodi is a free open source software that can be integrated with different of devices very nicely. Now, the question arises why you need a VPN to use a Kodi? Kodi doesn't requires any VPN service to start, but it is highly recommended to connect to a VPN while using kodi. A VPN provide you with more security so that you can surf anonymously. Where as with a VPN you can easily pass all the geo restriction applied in your area. So it is an absolute requirement to connect a VPN when using Kodi to access all the content that you want to.

How to use VPN for Kodi

We have customized and well equipped application for different platforms that includes Windows, iOS, Mac and Android. You just have to click on connect button and you will be connected with OneVPN. By connecting with OneVPN you can use Kodi and enjoy watching your online show, movies, dramas and live broadcast online without any geo restrictions

OneVPN for Kodi Features


Fastest Speed

Unblock your favorite TV shows, movies, sports with the fastest VPN on earth. OneVPN has Linux based iron clad servers with highly optimized features. OneVPN offers online freedom to unblock content and provide unlimited bandwidth with best VPN features provided on different platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux and Android.


Surfing Anonymously with Kodi VPN

Many internet service provider (ISP) keep track on your surfing that you make through Kodi this may not be good for you and no one like this, everyone needs some privacy. OneVPN encrypts your website traffic and mask you so that your ISP can’t track you. OneVPN follows strict no logs no connection policy for the determined privacy.


Unbeatable Price

It's not possible for anyone to beat our prices with regards to our superfast VPN for Kodi reasonable bundles. No other VPN accompanies such huge astonishing features in such a low cost. OneVPN offers VPN service for as low as $1 VPN per month, the most preeminent and incredible costs with the speediest VPN service.


One Click Connect- Kodi VPN

One click connect on our VPN application allow you to connect instantly by just clicking the connect button. The status appears to as connected when connected to the desired server. OneVPN repetitively optimizes their servers to get the max speed and unlimited bandwidth.


Be Anonymous, Be Safe & Be Free Online With OneVPN

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