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Why You Need A Canada VPN

There are many websites and sports channels that are only accessible within Canada. If you live elsewhere, you may not be able to access Canadian websites and sports channels. If you want to access these channels you cannot do this without using a Canadian VPN. OneVPN is the Best VPN for Canada, provides you with highly optimized Canadian IPs. That helps you to bypass geo-restrictions & surf anonymously. Get VPN for Canada and watch online content from Canada.

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Unblock Canadian Content with Canada VPN

Drop internet censorship from around the globe by connecting to OneVPN Canadian servers. Open popular Canadian sites and applications, like BBC, Spotify, and Crackle. Visit Canadian online TV sites and popular social media applications comfortably and easily. Enjoy a perfect combination of optimized online security and fastest VPN streaming speed.


Protection against Data Retention Laws

The Canadian Government is no innocent when it comes to spying on its own citizens. Canada has passed a bill to keep metadata for 3 years for every single internet user in Canada. The law presented back in 2013 and passed in late 2015. Since then ISP is bound to track and store the metadata of every single internet user for at least 3 years.


Geo Restriction? Not any more!
Join OneVPN and Get the Access to Unblock Content from All Over the World.


Complete Security on WiFi Hotspots

Using WiFi without connecting with a VPN is like committing suicide. You know that Public WiFis are not secure and can be a trap for you. It only takes seconds for a hacker to intercept a WiFi signal. And read your personal information and in most cases steal your data. If you are staying at a hotel, visiting a cafe, going for a coffee or spending time in the library. Then always use a secure VPN & surf anonymously over Public WiFi. Canadian VPN provides you an unbreakable WiFi Security with 256bit AES encryption.


Avoid Bill C-11 In Canada

Bill C-11 forced ISP to take part in the prosecution of their own customers. Under the new "Notice and Notice" provisions, brought into force in January of 2015. If you're accused of violating copyright your ISP will be forced to keep logs of your activity. Logs for at least six months which are then handed over to the authorities. Though intended only to combat copyright infringement. Bill C-11 set an unfortunate precedent for government surveillance in Canada.


OneVPN Steal the Show with Best VPN Features

OneVPN is a best VPN solution with extra-ordinary features. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss.


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  • 390+ High-Speed Server
  • OpenVPN , PPTP, L2TP, OpenConnect

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Our high speed servers are deployed at 390+ location in 59 Countries with dedicated data centers. All servers ensure complete security, fastest speed and access to every blocked corner on the internet.













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