Yahoo! Your Data Has Been COMPROMISED!

Yahoo! Your Data Has Been COMPROMISED!

Yahoo is one of the oldest and most famous network that provides news, e-mail services and many other services. It is also one of the most trusted organizations but recently occurred cybercrimes have made people skeptical about the likes of Yahoo as well. That was topped up with last Thursday’s Yahoo breach.

After LinkedIn, it’s Yahoo’s data breach!

Yahoo recently announced that approximately 500 million user accounts holding critical and personal information was stolen in late 2014. The news was not confirmed until Thursday 22nd when Yahoo officially announced this breach and took note of matters going out of hand.

Things were not very clear at that point, but now people have a clear picture that they need to take safety and data security in their own hands. Many Yahoo users were notified about this particular issue via E-mail from Yahoo which clearly said:

“A recent investigation by Yahoo has confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from our systems in late 2014 by what we believe is a state-sponsored actor. We are closely coordinating with law enforcement on this matter and working diligently to protect you.”

What was affected?

The data breach involved user account information, which had your contacts, names, birthday, addresses, numbers, and security questions. Everything that you had in your mail is now in easy reach of a cybercriminal; who knows what he can use it for.

How are you at risk?

It’s a relevant question, as long as you are concerned about it. Your credit card statement, your debit card statement, your personal information, your contacts, verifications to websites for generating passwords, the service that you are using etc. Pretty much every minor detail that can help a hacker track you or your financials down can put you at risk.

So, you need to be very wise as everything is now digitalized, and your generation is filled with hackers to steal from it.

Security recommendations that Yahoo has suggested

You can change your security passwords, security questions, and answers, take a deeper review of your account, and its personal information and activities that are done from it. Refrain from anything that requires your personal information out of ordinary. If your mail contains suspicious links, refrain from downloading them.

You and only you can prevent these damages from happening. Yes, the internet is everything good, and ease but freedom and privacy come with a price today. You can either pay with regret or pay for additional security. The choice is yours.

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