How to Watch Belgian Grand Prix Live Online with OneVPN

How to Watch Belgian Grand Prix Live Online with OneVPN

If you are a racing fan, you must be going nuts knowing the Belgian Grand Prix is about to kick off. All the super-speedy excitement is going to be back as the best of the best racers will fasten their seat belts and put the foot on the accelerator pedals. The Formula 1 will return with the Belgian Grand Prix on 25 August with the press conference, followed by the practice races and then the main qualifying races.

People facing troubles accessing F1 live streaming can watch the super-exciting F1 races with OneVPN. If you are a die-hard racing fan, here’s what you need to do:

How to Watch Belgian Grand Prix Live

Step 1: Get OneVPN subscription to watch F1 live online

Step 2: Configure it on your desired device

Step 3: Select the country server of your choice

Step 4: Hit the connect button

You have eliminated the streaming restrictions between yourself and Belgian Grand Prix 2016!

Here is the list of broadcasters that will help you choose your desired channel and server for F1 live streaming:

Channels List for F1 Live Streaming Free and Paid


Channel Name


UK SkySports F1 $5.84
USA NBA Sports Cable Subscription Required
Canada TRN Cable Subscription Required
Canada RDS 2 Cable Subscription Required
Australia One FREE
Netherlands Sports 1 $4.51
Italy SkySports F1 $27.70
Spain Antena 3 FREE
France Canal $27.70

You are ready for Formula 1 live stream but can’t start watching without the schedule. So, here’s the schedule for Belgian Grand Prix (taken from the official F1 Website

F1 GP Schedule

belgian F1

Please note that this schedule is subject to change without notice.

So now you have the how to guide, broadcasters’ list and complete schedule for F1 live streaming. So, it’s time to fasten the seat belts and enjoy the ride of Belgian Grand Prix 2016!


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