VPNMentor Awarded OneVPN with Golden Badge

VPNMentor Awarded OneVPN with Golden Badge

VPNMentor, whose mission is to provide users efficient and helpful tools regarding VPNs and Web Privacy has awarded OneVPN with its Golden Badge. OneVPN has won this prestigious badge of excellence from the VPNMentor because of its outstanding features and incredible services and fulfilling the criteria of VPNMentor.

Golden Badge:

Golden Batch is the highest prestige awarded only to fewest VPN providers that offer superb quality VPN service in combination with online security, privacy, accessibility and fastest speed. Offering fastest speed with unbreakable encryption is not easy, only few VPN providers have achieved this milestone. Golden Batch by VPNMentor is like Grammy Award for a VPN provider.


VPNMentor is configured to help the users in choosing the best VPN for their selves. VPNMentor finalize the best VPNs for the user according to the speed, privacy, security, features and the services. VPNMentor toolkit is intended to give user a safe, smooth and finest VPN experience. It also provides a comparison tool for the user where users can easily compare their desired VPNs. There are reviews about the VPNs at VPNMentor site which user can read to get the knowledge about the particular VPN. It also has blog section which gives the industry news and knowledge about the latest VPN trends. It gives an award named golden badge to the VPN Providers which are best among the others and provides the best features, services, fastest speed and performance, security and privacy as compared to other VPN providers which makes a lot much easier for the users to decide the best VPN for their selves.


OneVPN has awarded Golden Badge by VPNMentor because of it exceptional services and excellent features.

OneVPN focuses on quality instead of quantity. It offers safe, secure and fastest VPN services to the users with a number of servers in different locations around the globe. Its motto is to deliver quality services with fastest speed and 100% secure connection to the user to keep them safe from the intruders and cyber crooks.

Features which OneVPN is offering are:

  • Fastest VPN: OneVPN is providing most fast VPN services to the users to surf quickly without any interruption.
  • Servers Location: OneVPN has more than 125 servers in 36 countries at different places including Europe, Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Anonymous VPN: OneVPN has SSL secured network, and it uses 256 bit AES secure encryption for anonymity.
  • Secure VPN Protocols: OneVPN offers best and secure protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and OpenConnect protocols to facilitate the users.
  • Zero Logging Policy: OneVPN claims zero logging policy that it does not keep any logs and does not monitor user.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support: OneVPN offers a live chat support for the user to answer their queries. It also has an email support and remote assistance service.

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