VPN vs Proxies

VPN vs Proxies

In this digital world! More and more surfers over the Internet recognize the importance of enhancing their safety and security over the web. All surfers now a day having a concern on their security. Everyone wanted to be more safer and make sure that data you’re sending and receiving is encrypted. Data must secured from prying eyes. But, a confusion arises.


“What tool must to be used to get a far better effect?”


Some users turn to Free VPN  whereas some prefer to proxy services. Somehow people don’t have a clear understanding and the dissimilarity between these security tools. Even pretty confused about what is the difference between these two tools?

Although both VPN’s and proxy perform similar functions. They cover the identity of the users by IP masking and permit access to a geo-restricted content. Dodges the websites blocks, the particular processes concerned with the work of those services are different, so have totally different consequences. For this, we have to first understand the following parameters. That may better provide a concept of the difference between a proxy and a VPN.

What is Proxy?

A proxy may be a server that acts and negotiates between you and the web. It makes your online activities seem to come back from in other places, masking your real address. A proxy service permits you to attach only application at a time. It prevents you from configuring your entire PC to attach to a proxy.
Moreover, a proxy doesn’t use any encryption process to secure the traffic. By leaving you liable to snoopers and hackers. As your on-line activities are often monitored. There’s additionally an opportunity that prying eyes might reveal your true identity. So there might be a possibility that hacker can steal your sensitive information. The bottom line is that a proxy is nice for lower-level tasks. Like bypassing geo-restrictions and unblocking websites not for higher level task.

What is VPN?

A VPN works similar to it, it also masks your real address by the IP masking process. Thus you’ll be able to bypass censorship and geo-restrictions. But, comparing to a proxy, the service offers more choices to boost your on-line expertise. VPN keeps your privacy more secure.

The main feature that differs it from a proxy is Encryption. A best VPN service  creates a secure affiliation with an encrypted tunnel. That linked between your device and its server. All your net traffic, together with on-line programs, services and applications you will use, are going to be routed through this encrypted tunnel. In this way, your connection became powerfully protected against being monitored by third parties and snoopers. You can safely conduct your surfing and keeping it anonymous and can be connected with any ISP firmly, it saves you from the threats of being snooped or get hacked by any cyber-criminals.

OneVPN provides the best buy VPN services  with unlimited bandwidth and servers located all around the world. It uses the high-grade encryption method that is 256 AES encryption that provide customer high anonymity.

How to get OneVPN?

  1. Subscribe to OneVPN.
  2. Install and run the setup.
  3. Configure your OneVPN account on your chosen device.
  4. Select your desired server.

OneVPN provides free VPN services for different platforms such as VPN for windows, VPN for IOS/MAC and VPN for Android .


When it involves a comparison between a VPN and a Proxy, there’s little doubt what service is best. A VPN is superior to proxies in each specification. It provides improved on-line privacy and freedom. Secures your personal information, and protects your VPN affiliation from detected and throttled.

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