Rio Olympics News and Updates by OneVPN

Rio Olympics News and Updates by OneVPN

Rio Olympics 2016 has kicked off and is moving ahead with amazing performances by all the participants of the Games. OneVPN users are streaming the heart-pounding games without worrying about geo difficulties, no matter which part of the world they reside in. OneVPN, however, isn’t just providing users access to live Olympics streaming but also the top Olympic News, Featured Events and Olympics updates.

Whenever you need Top Rio Olympics news and updates, you know where to come; to the OneVPN blog.

Rio Olympics News, Featured Events and Olympics Updates.

9 August 2016 – 15 August 2016

Silver medallist takes Gold Medal home and retires

Oscar Figueroa

62KG Colombian Oscar Figueroa and London’s 2012 Silver medallist, wins the gold in Rio 2016 Olympics. Lifting 142kg in snatch and 176kg in the clean and jerk, Oscar Figueroa gave an emotional gesture as a sign of his retirement by taking his shoes off and placing them on the stage.

Marriage proposal after a rugby competition at Rio2016-08-09-marriage-thumbnail

Manager at Rio’s Deodoro Stadium, Marjorie Enya, seizes the moment by proposing marriage to her girlfriend Isadora Cerullo after a rugby competition. Having no ring at the point, Enya tied a ribbon to her girlfriend’s finger in place of a real ring.

Phelps adds another medal to his gold medal collectionphelps

Displaying another extra-ordinary performance, Michael Phelps secured victory in the 4x200m freestyle relay and a 200m butterfly to add another medal to his Gold medal showcase. Phelps’s announced his retirement after reaching his 23rd gold medal in 2016’s Rio Olympics.

Rio Olympics to witness another tragedy


The fan favourite Armenian athlete attempted to lift in the clean and jerk on 195kg. He ended up in a tragic accident leaving a horrifying elbow injury. The 20-year-old screamed in pain when the paramedics examined a dislocated elbow instead of winning the gold.

Bolt winning the third Olympic 100m title


Usain bolt stopped at nothing to keep the title of the fastest man on earth and winning Olympic 100m the third time and taking the gold home. Although, it has been sad that he stated that he felt a bit sluggish and didn’t run so fast yet he won despite being slightly slower.

Spanish runner helps Kenyan runner to continue race

spanish kenyan

Kenyan runner, Abel Mutai, stopped before the finishing line assuming the race had finished 10m before until a Spanish runner, Ivan Fernandez Anaya, made him realize the race still has 10m to go. The amazing act of honesty was Rio Olympics 2016’s finest moments as the Spanish runner let the Kenyan runner win the race instead of cashing in on the opportunity of a lifetime.

6 August 2016 – 8 August 2016

Yusra Mardini is a Hero

Yusra Mardini

Yusra Mardini, the Syrian Hero who recently saved lives of 20 fellow refugees, has gotten 41st place in the first swimming round. Though the position is 41st, it feels like gold to the refugee swimmer who is a real life hero that swam three hours in the Mediterranean Sea and saved the drowning boat that had 20 people on it.

Pareto Takes Away First Ever Judo Gold

Paula Pareto

Argentina’s Paula Pareto has become the first Argentina Judoka to win an Olympic Games gold in the women’s -48kg. Russia’s Beslan Mudanov has also grabbed the gold medal on the day one of Rio 2016 in men’s -60kg.

Taufatofua, the Internet Sensation


A 32-year-old man, named Pita Taufatofua became an internet sensation. Taufatofua, the flag bearer for Tonga at the Rio 2016 opening ceremony, was relatively unknown before Friday night’s event, is actually a heavyweight taekwondo competitor. The internet lost it when Taufatofua’s photos showing his slicked, shirtless body surfaced online.

Team Australia (Basketball) Shocks the World

team australia

Team France, which was considered the second-best basketball team in the man’s division behind the US, fell short against team Australia. Bogut, who made a surprise entry to the Olympics after his hyperextended knee injury, shot 9 for ten from the field.

UK’s Adam Peaty Breaks World Record in 100m Breaststroke

Adam Peaty

Great Britain’s own Adam Peaty finished his heat on Saturday with a time of 57.55 seconds, improving on his own record, beating the world record in 100m breaststroke. The man qualified first in 57.55 seconds Saturday afternoon (6 July) at the Aquatics Stadium.

French Gymnast Snaps a Leg in Men’s Gymnastics


Samir Ait Said, the athlete who has been known as one of the friendliest guys amongst his circles and a great athlete, broke his leg while attempting to complete his vault during team preliminaries. Both the home and live audience was in shock as this incident happened. The video started circulating immediately on the social media sites with the warning: “Graphic content”.

Though there are much more Olympics news and updates, we have covered the most significant ones. We’ll update this page on a weekly basis to keep you updated with the latest happenings.

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