Your Devices Could Be risked – Practice Protection

Your Devices Could Be risked – Practice Protection

While everybody is in the race to grab the latest hi-tech gadgets, there is a much bigger race going on. We are talking about people running after technology like crazies. It’s a shame how individuals who don’t use unverified or unprotected apps and are a bit careful these days are called the paranoid and old school.

But that’s only till one realizes the threat. If being naive was considered cool and fun then it is better that I am not naive at all. Let’s gather people in the head and make two groups. Then split them into those groups.

The naive group


On one side, there is a group of people who rush to the nearest store when the new phone launches or the latest technology in laptop sets forward. You will find them at cool burger joints and expensive diners. They are often found snap chatting weird places, in weird places, doing weird things, in weird positions, basically weird everything.

The uncool paranoid group



Then there are those, who consider possibilities, who consider technology as an opportunity as well as a risk. These are people who take things in life seriously and the impact they would make when reality hits. These people… are realists!

Getting to the point. Phones, laptops, and your Wi-Fi devices, they can be controlled, and if not taken seriously, you don’t know what precious moments will become public and when.

Edward Snowden once said,

“Arguing that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different than saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say.”

It is true how privacy plays an important role in our lives, but some are just too cool to see it.

Paranormal Phone activities taking new heights


We all follow horror movies because we like to see strange things happening around. Well, if someday your phone starts recording without your permission and records some of the private moments you have in your daily life, it might become just another true horror story for you as well.

What I mean to say is, if these paranormal activities have been reported to be taking places in devices. Which means, your devices are possessed by an external force, and you know nothing about it.

Horrifying possibilities emerging from technology


Imagine if you are taking a selfie (obviously from your front camera) and that’s regular to you, but somebody else is watching you from that lens, you’d want to reconsider the places where you take those selfies, yeah?

If you are having a private conversation, you’d normally feel uncomfortable discussing in public, and somebody is already listening to it through your phone. Paranormal enough?
Your location, your online activities, everything you do online, is being tracked by a force unidentified to you? Yeah, it’s not bogeyman!

It’s the hackers!


Yes! The ghost of your life. They are the external force who can have complete control over your device; they can locate you, harass you, torture your virtual existence and even publicly destroy your image.

Actors, organizations, working professionals, in fact, everyone has been a victim of these online paranormal activities. Thus, here is the group, which is sensible and realistic enough to be paranoid about these emerging possibilities.

Snowden and his views towards privacy?

He brought light to many aspects of privacy and protection when he discussed how spying programs were being used but no one bat an eye about that. He surely had some interesting things to say, and he said them because he saw the world and the dirt around it.

Snowden: “These programs were never about terrorism: they’re about economic spying, social control, and diplomatic manipulation. They’re about power.”

Now there are two ways in which you could protect your privacy unless you don’t care about it. First, you can tape or sticker wrap your devices like chaining a possessed vessel. Second, you could go for an exorcism!

Yeah! Well, sounds appropriate only, no? Exorcism for devices!

OneVPN – an exorcising priest


It will keep the ghostly cyber criminals out. Without an IP they cannot track you, with an Anti-Malware on your system, they cannot infect you, so basically, they cannot possess your device if you are using a VPN service.

 Encryption protocols are here to make sure that your data remains protected. Cybersecurity is a rising threat, but this rise can also be the end if you start practicing protection.

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