Play Pokémon Go but Beware of the PokéMalware

Play Pokémon Go but Beware of the PokéMalware

The recently gone viral app Pokémon Go is the hot-hit of this month. It is making around a whopping $1.6 billion a day. The app rapidly grew to become the most popular GPS based game, beating the daily active users list on twitter, Snapchat, and Tinder.

The high rising popularity of this app was spotted rather quickly by evil cyber-criminals. It hadn’t been a while when malware creators targeted Pokémon Go to infect devices which are downloading the highly popular app.

The Malware was spotted by Security researchers at Proof Point. The malware comes along with a remote access tool (RAT) called DroidJack. According to the researchers, the malware will allow attackers to gain control of users’ devices.

However, there hasn’t been any kind of reports about any harmful activities caused by the malware, yet. It has also been noted that the PokéMalware (Team OneVPN came up with that name, cool right!) hasn’t made it to Google Play Store yet. Apparently, the Malware creators have only targeted the international market where the Pokémon Go app didn’t launch.

The malware is only present in the form of an APK file which plenty of users have been downloading from third party sites since the app became the hot-cake of this month. The virus sender can take control of the targeted devices and steal sensitive and private information.

Since the launch of Pokémon Go, there are numerous malwares disguised as Pokémon Go which have been spotted in the form of remote access tool and can control almost anything in your device, be it text messages or the camera.

Yes, there isn’t any harm in playing Pokémon Go but one needs to be cautious because you never know, in your journey to find Pikachu, Jiggly puff, and Bulbasaur, you might come across a PokéMalware, which could harm your device.

Now, you could certainly avoid random sites to download Pokémon Go APK file if it’s not available in your country but here we suggest OneVPN’s Anti-malware, which would clear out the infection or notify you before the infected file is downloaded.

Your cellphone privacy is important and cybercriminals work hard to penetrate and break the not-so-strong barriers your cellphone is equipped with. In this day and age, where even the mobile apps are a target, your devices are in stronger need of a VPN service. So get your phone equipped with a VPN, preferably OneVPN, before a PokéMalware disguises as Pikachu and zaps your device shut!

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