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Getting listed on the most popular VPN review sites one-after-another is certainly a joyous thing for OneVPN. Reviews help products with growth, improvements and motivation, and by reviewing our product, all the review sites are helping OneVPN improve every new day.

BestVPN ( recently reviewed OneVPN in which BestVPN conducted an in-depth analysis of OneVPN’s services, features, price, and customer service. In this blog post we will be discussing the negatives and the positives that BestVPN has determined and discussed in their BestVPN Review.

Pricing and Plans

While looking at the pricing plans of OneVPN, BestVPN found the 4 year OneVPN Plan as the best and the most attractive one. The analyses done on pricing and plans shows that the layout of pricing starting from 1 month for $7.95 leading down to $1 monthly on a 4 years plan is quite interesting.

We would like to share that OneVPN is offering 48 months of service in $48, and no other VPN is offering this price. 

That, folks, is the reason why OneVPN promotes its packages so actively because OneVPN comes with 3 different plans meeting different needs of customers. Let’s take a quick look at the features and look for pointers which can help us improve.


Reading in the features section of the review, we find some of the statements untrue. Having said that, OneVPN actively promotes some of the highlighted features because they are being offered with no charges, and are built-in features.

We have tested and verified from our customers about the features while using OneVPN, and so far, there have been no complains about any of the features whatsoever. However, OneVPN has identified the pointers from the given analysis and will dedicate the relevant team members to find and resolve the issues, if there are any.


Knowledge base in the support section has been discussed by BestVPN. The areas in which BestVPN thinks OneVPN is lacking are already being looked up and improved by OneVPN. The custom OneVPN apps are also now available in the get started area.

Customer Support

The 24/7 Live chat support at OneVPN has always been praised by customers and review sites, however, BestVPN found the representative slightly inexperienced to answer more technical questions. The point was noted and was brought to attention to provide further knowledge to the technical support team.

Final Words

All over, we are glad that BestVPN has pointed out some of the shortcomings as well as the strong points. All of this will help us improve and grow. OneVPN respects the opinions of BestVPN and is making continuous efforts to make its services better than ever for everyone.


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