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Today, OneVPN is experiencing one of its proudest moments. A renowned review website “” has analysed OneVPN and published a thorough review of the product. is a highly popular review site that thoroughly analyses a product and writes an authentic review based on how good or bad the features, price customer service and many other things are.

Features has talked about OneVPN features and spoken about security, and protocols. The review also mentioned about the Ad-Blocker and the Anti-Malware OneVPN is offering with no charges. Here’s what says about OneVPN while discussing OneVPN’s Features:

“OneVPN supports several extra features that make your protected browsing even more satisfying. The kill switch function, which automatically shuts down the internet connection the moment your VPN stops working, is pretty impressive. They also present built-in services like an ad-blocker and a NAT firewall, which shields you from harmful attacks. Speaking of malicious threats, OpenVPN also protects users from malware. Not to mention this service allows easy access to any kind of web content, thanks to its Web TV.”


It can be seen while reading the review that OneVPN’s pricing has been praised by the reviewer as they have mentioned in the review that OneVPN’s pricing is “budget friendly”. Below we have shared what they thought of our pricing:

“The most generous offer is yet to be unveiled: those who decide to become OneVPN member for a whole year, now book the service for not one, but four years. This is 48 months of protection, and for a killer price of just $1 per month!”

Customer Service

It’s yet another reviewer who has spoken about OneVPN’s customer service in an extremely well manner, and OneVPN is honoured to be in such good books. OneVPN seeks to provide the satisfaction that it was providing since the start by valuing customers through the best possible service. Another statement on what had to say when they reviewed OneVPN’s customer service:

“They have one of the most responsive and helpful customer support services we ever encountered.”

OneVPN has been rated well in various review sites and this was another one from one of them. You should read the review, try OneVPN, and satisfy yourself with our devoted services. Practice protection and privacy with the best resource out there and become free on the internet. Surf proudly!


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