7 Hacks to Avoid Unstable Streaming

7 Hacks to Avoid Unstable Streaming

Streaming lag is bad, like evil bad. That’s why it shouldn’t exist. We know that there are important shows and events you want to stream and buffering really kills your mood. So, if you are currently facing streaming lags then you need to check the following steps that will make a huge difference in the streaming speed:

7 – Growing the Distance Shall Not Be Practiced

In some cases, distance probably does make the bond stronger but not in this case. Get closer to your router, or put it somewhere in the center of the house so it provides you effective signal strength, across all sides of your house.

6 – Cut out Extra Usage

There isn’t a need for every device to be connected to your internet as it gives the poor thing a lot of load. Obviously, there is no room for it to provide you with a good download speed when every device has its background apps running all the time on a single Wi-Fi device.

5 – Your Cache and Temporary Files Are Your Silent Enemies

You need to clean them off because they put weight on your device. It somehow affects your device’s ability to load and stream. You can always drive faster on a cleaner road, and the same rule works perfectly with the streaming task.

4 – A Different Router Channel Maybe?

It’s a wise call to try setting your router on a different channel from your router settings. Sometimes a particular channel is crowded than the others. You can try switching as it’s an easy step through which you get your speed boosted, enough to enjoy buffer-free streaming.

3 – A VPN Is Must

Using a VPN would not only help you access your streaming sites but also protect you from the malware that slows down the performance of your PC. Using OneVPN’s premium account is recommended as it provides good protection and is speedier than the other VPNs you use.

2 – Disabling Hardware Acceleration

Disabling hardware acceleration is suggested as the acceleration cuts down the speed of streaming whenever you are at a site that supports flash video player. Turning that off will help your device run and process faster.

1 – Ethernet Solution

When your Wi-Fi becomes stubborn and does not want to comply, you can just make direct contact with the Ethernet cable. Your Ethernet cable will provide you accelerated streaming which your Wi-Fi will not offer. So, Ethernet is another solution for a smooth movie night.

So, these were the 7 hacks that helped me with speeding up my streaming. Since a lag-free streaming is your dream too, follow each tip and enjoy the smoothest movie experience ever! Happy streaming.

And yeah, don’t forget to ensure using a VPN when browsing and especially streaming. It doesn’t only unblock content but protects you and your devices from harmful malware.


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